Vihtavuori N140
Vihtavuori N140 Smokeless Gun Powder
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Vihtavuori N140 Smokeless Gun Powder


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Vihtavuori N140: The Reloader’s Choice for Precision and Versatility

In the world of competitive shooting and hunting, the choice of reloading powder is as critical as the choice of firearm. Among the plethora of options available, Vihtavuori N140 stands out as a premier selection for those seeking unparalleled accuracy and also consistency. This comprehensive guide delves into the details of Vihtavuori N140, its characteristics, and why it remains the preferred choice for reloaders around the globe.

Understanding Vihtavuori N140 Powder

History and Origins

Vihtavuori N140 traces its origins back to Finland, where it was initially developed for military use, meeting the rigorous standards of the Finnish Army. Today, it has found a significant place in the hearts of civilian shooters, heralding a legacy of precision and also reliability. To explore more about its origins, visit the official Vihtavuori page.

Vihtavuori N140 Powder

Characteristics of Vihtavuori N140

This rifle powder celebrated for its exceptional consistency and clean burn, attributes that are paramount for achieving shot-to-shot accuracy. The graphite-coated grains ensure smooth metering and minimal variation, enhancing the overall shooting experience. But, many wonder, is Vihtavuori N140 extruded or ball powder? It’s an extruded powder, which contributes to its uniformity and precision.

Supported Caliber Range

From the versatile .223 Remington to the demanding H&H Magnum, Vihtavuori N140 shows remarkable adaptability across a broad range of calibers. This adaptability is particularly beneficial in precision disciplines, with calibers like the MM BR Norma showcasing the powder’s capability in long-range applications.

Compatibility with Reloading Machines

N140‘s adaptable nature extends to its compatibility with various reloading machines. Whether you’re employing a high-end automatic press or a simple manual one, aligning your machine for N140 can lead to significantly improved outcomes. For a selection of compatible reloading machines, consider options from MidwayUSA.

Why Choose Vihtavuori N140?

The True Multipurpose Powder

N140 is not merely a powder but a comprehensive solution for shooters aiming for the pinnacle of precision and efficiency. Its balanced characteristics cater to a wide spectrum of shooting disciplines, making it the powder of choice for many in the reloading community. For those looking to purchase, keeping an eye on Lucky Gunner can help you find N140 powder in stock.

Availability and Stocking Up

Finding Vihtavuori N140 powder in stock can sometimes be a challenge due to its popularity. Regularly checking trusted suppliers like Lucky Gunner and MidwayUSA can ensure you’re never out of supply.

Availability and Stocking Up


Is Vihtavuori N140 extruded or ball powder?

Vihtavuori N140 is an extruded powder, renowned for its consistency and precision.

Can Vihtavuori N140 be used for a wide range of calibers?

Yes, N140 supports an extensive range of calibers, underscoring its versatility in various shooting disciplines.

Most reloading machines are compatible with N140, but for specific recommendations, resources like MidwayUSA are invaluable.

How does the graphite coating on N140 grain dimensions benefit shooters?

The graphite coating facilitates smoother flow through reloading equipment, reducing static and also promoting consistency in charges.


Vihtavuori N140 epitomizes excellence in reloading powders, offering shooters a blend of accuracy, reliability, and versatility unmatched in the market. Whether for competitive shooting, hunting, or recreational use, N140 provides a foundation for consistent performance and precision. By choosing Vihtavuori N140, shooters are aligning with a legacy of quality and a future of unparalleled shooting experiences.

By integrating Vihtavuori N140 into your reloading practices, you’re not just selecting a powder; you’re embracing a tradition of precision that will elevate your shooting to new heights. Explore your options, stock up on N140 from Lucky Gunner or MidwayUSA, and also experience the difference in your next shooting adventure.

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