Titewad Powder
Hodgdon Titewad Smokeless Gun Powder
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Hodgdon Titewad Smokeless Gun Powder


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Ultimate Guide to Hodgdon Titewad Powder: Enhance Your Shotgun Reloading Experience

In the world of competitive shooting and shotgun reloading, choosing the right powder is akin to selecting the perfect ingredient for a gourmet recipe. It can significantly affect performance, precision, and satisfaction. Among the myriad options, Hodgdon Titewad Powder stands out as a superior choice for discerning shooters. This guide delves deep into the features, benefits, and practical applications of Hodgdon Titewad, ensuring you make an informed decision for your reloading needs.

What is Hodgdon Titewad Powder?

Hodgdon Titewad Powder is a specially formulated, superior flattened spherical shotgun powder that has gained fame for its low charge weights, minimal muzzle report, reduced recoil, and lesser residue, contributing to optimal ballistic performance. Born from the innovative laboratories of Hodgdon, a brand synonymous with quality and reliability in the reloading sphere, Titewad is engineered for excellence. Learn more about Hodgdon’s commitment to advancement in reloading technology at Hodgdon’s official site.

Hodgdon Titewad Powder

Features of Titewad Powder

Titewad’s formula is truly groundbreaking. It features low charge weights, which translates to more shots per pound and also cost savings for avid shooters. The mild muzzle report and minimum recoil ensure a comfortable shooting experience, while the reduced residue makes for easy cleanup and maintenance of firearms. Its advanced technology marks a significant leap forward in shotgun reloading.

Benefits of Using Hodgdon Titewad

Choosing Hodgdon Titewad for your reloading needs comes with numerous advantages:

  • Precision: Designed exclusively for 12 gauge shotguns, it ensures that each reload is as precise as factory-loaded shells.
  • Consistency: It meters superbly, offering unmatched consistency in powder charges, crucial for competitive shooting.
  • Performance: As an outstanding propellant, it’s engineered to meet the demands of competitive shooters who seek the very best in performance.

Product Specifications

Titewad is available in 14 oz containers, with bulk options for those who churn through high volumes of ammunition. Keeping track of Titewad powder in stock can be a challenge due to its popularity, but resources like Cabela’s often update their inventory to cater to high demand.

Why Choose Hodgdon Titewad?

When compared to other spherical propellants, Titewad’s superior formulation and Hodgdon’s commitment to quality set it apart. The brand’s dedication to providing reloaders with the best possible components is unmatched in the industry.

Safety and Regulations

It’s essential to note that Titewad powder contains chemicals known in California to cause cancer. Also, there are regulatory restrictions in certain states such as Delaware, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New York City. Always prioritize safety by adhering to recommended handling and also storage practices.

Purchasing Guide

Finding Hodgdon Titewad powder for sale is easier with reliable online retailers. While policies on returns vary, it’s advisable to purchase from reputable sources that accept returns on powder under specific conditions. Check the current inventory at Lucky Gunner for available stock.

How to Use Hodgdon Titewad Powder

Ideal for loading 7/8 to 1-1/8 oz shots, Titewad’s versatility makes it perfect for various shooting disciplines. For the best load data and reloading practices, Hodgdon provides extensive guides and also resources on their website.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Can Titewad powder from Hodgdon be used in handguns? While specifically designed for 12 gauge shotguns, using it in handguns is not recommended due to potential inefficiencies and safety risks.
  2. What is Titewad powder used for? Primarily used for reloading 12 gauge shotgun shells, it’s the preferred choice for competitive shooting and practice due to its performance benefits.
  3. How does Titewad powder compare to other shotgun powders? Its advanced formulation ensures lower charge weights, reduced recoil, and consistency, making it superior to many other powders in the market.
  4. Is Hodgdon Titewad powder easy to find in stock? Due to its popularity, it can be challenging to find. Regularly check reputable online retailers like Lucky Gunner for updates on availability.
  5. Are there any precautions to take when using Titewad powder? Always follow safety guidelines for handling and storing powders, and consult Hodgdon’s resources for best practices in reloading.


Hodgdon Titewad Powder is a game-changer for shotgun reloading, offering unmatched precision, consistency, and also performance. Whether you’re a competitive shooter or a recreational enthusiast, Titewad provides the quality and reliability you seek. Always prioritize safety, and don’t hesitate to explore the resources provided by Hodgdon and trusted retailers to enhance your shooting experience.

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