Rare Breed Trigger
FRT 15 Rare Breed Trigger

FRT 15 Rare Breed Trigger


Rare Breed Trigger Specifications

  • 1/4″ Wide Hammer, Trigger, and Locking Bar
  • 7075-T6 Aluminum Housing
  • Precision Wire EDM Cut!
  • Black Nitrite QPQ Finish
  • Includes Anti Walk Pins
  • 5lb Trigger Pull
  • US Pat. 10514223
  • *Full-Auto Bolt Carrier Required.
  • *Heavy Buffer (H2, H3 or T3 BUFFER) Recommended.
  • *We strongly recommend a qualified gunsmith install this trigger.
  • *In the majority of setups, the FRT-15 is plug-n-play with a heavy buffer. Tuning may be required.

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Exploring the World of Rare Breed Triggers: A Comprehensive Guide

The Rare Breed Trigger has taken the firearms world by storm, introducing a unique mechanism that significantly changes the rate of fire for semi-automatic firearms. This guide delves into everything you need to know about the Rare Breed Trigger, including its operation, legal controversies, purchasing information, and technical comparisons. Whether you’re a firearm enthusiast or just curious about the latest in gun technology, this article will provide in-depth insights into the Rare Breed Trigger’s world.

Understanding the Rare Breed Trigger

What is a Rare Breed Trigger?

The Rare Breed Trigger is an innovative forced reset trigger (FRT) designed for AR-15 style rifles. Unlike standard semi-automatic triggers, the Rare_Breed Trigger significantly increases the firing rate by automatically resetting the trigger after each shot. This mechanism allows for a quicker follow-up shot, enhancing the shooter’s ability to fire rapidly. Constructed with durable 7075-T6 aluminum housing, the Rare_Breed Trigger is designed for both reliability and performance.

Key Features:

  • Forced reset mechanism
  • 7075-T6 aluminum housing
  • Compatible with AR-15 style rifles

The Mechanics Behind the Rare Breed Trigger

The mechanism of a Rare_Breed Trigger is what sets it apart. Upon firing a round, the trigger automatically resets to the ready position, allowing the shooter to fire again by merely applying consistent pressure. This design mimics the rapid-fire capability of fully automatic firearms while staying within the legal boundaries of a semi-automatic classification.

The efficiency of the forced reset trigger has sparked debates and comparisons with other firing systems. Unlike traditional semi-automatic triggers, which require manual reset after each shot, or fully automatic triggers, which continue to fire as long as the trigger is pressed, the Rare_Breed Trigger finds a unique middle ground, offering rapid fire without violating regulations on automatic fire.

Rare Breed Trigger

Rare Breed Trigger Lawsuit Overview

The introduction of the Rare Breed Trigger has not been without controversy. Legal battles have ensued over the classification and legality of the FRT system. The ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives) has scrutinized the Rare_Breed Trigger, leading to a significant lawsuit regarding its classification. AP News provides an overview of the ongoing legal challenges faced by Rare Breed Triggers.

Rare Breed Trigger Lawsuit Update and ATF Update

Updates on the Rare Breed Trigger lawsuit have been closely watched by both supporters and critics. The core of the debate lies in whether the FRT’s rapid-fire capability classifies it under the same regulations governing fully automatic firearms. Recent court proceedings and ATF statements can be found on the Justice Department’s website, offering the latest insights into this legal confrontation. As of now, it has been established that the Rare_Breed Trigger has been favored over the ATF and the FRT-15 Trigger is now legal to purchase and own by citizens.

Purchasing and Installation

Where to Buy

Despite legal challenges, the Rare_Breed Trigger is still sought after by many firearm enthusiasts. It can be purchased directly from the Rare Breed Trigger’s official website or through trusted retailers like GunBroker. When purchasing, it’s crucial to ensure the product’s authenticity and legality within your jurisdiction.

Installation and Recommendations

Installing the Rare Breed Trigger requires technical knowledge and precision. It’s strongly recommended to have a qualified gunsmith perform the installation to ensure proper function and compliance with legal standards. The installation process also involves specific recommendations, such as using a heavy buffer (H2, H3, or T3) to accommodate the increased rate of fire reliably.

Installation Tips:

  • Seek a qualified gunsmith for installation
  • Consider using a heavy buffer for optimal performance

Technical Insights and Comparisons

FRT-15 Trigger and Its Variants

The FRT-15 trigger is a specific model within the Rare Breed Trigger lineup, known for its robust construction and exceptional performance. Variants of the FRT trigger cater to different preferences and firearm setups, each designed to provide the unique forced reset capability that defines the Rare Breed brand.

Rare Breed Trigger and Market Alternatives

In the realm of rapid-fire solutions, the Rare Breed Trigger faces competition from other mechanisms, such as binary triggers and wide-open triggers (WOT). Each system offers distinct advantages and operational differences, catering to various user needs and legal constraints.


  • Binary Trigger vs. FRT: Binary triggers allow for firing on both the pull and release of the trigger, differing in operation from the continuous pressure model of the FRT.
  • WOT vs. FRT Trigger: The wide-open trigger offers continuous firing without reset, pushing the boundaries of semi-automatic fire rates.

For an in-depth comparison and demonstration, check out this YouTube video showcasing the differences between FRT and other rapid-fire mechanisms.


What happens if you own a Rare Breed Trigger?

Owning a Rare_Breed Trigger in the current legal climate requires awareness of ongoing lawsuits and ATF regulations. It’s essential to stay informed about legal updates and ensure that your use and possession comply with federal and state laws.

Can you still buy a Rare Breed Trigger?

Yes, Rare Breed Triggers are available for purchase through official channels and select retailers. However, availability may fluctuate based on legal rulings and stock levels. Always verify the legality in your area before purchasing.

How does a Rare Breed Trigger work?

The Rare Breed Trigger operates by automatically resetting after each shot, allowing for rapid follow-up shots. This forced reset mechanism enables shooters to achieve a faster rate of fire by maintaining pressure on the trigger.


The Rare Breed Trigger represents a significant innovation in firearm technology, offering enhanced firing rates within a semi-automatic framework. Despite legal challenges, it remains a popular choice for enthusiasts seeking to upgrade their shooting experience. As the legal landscape evolves, staying informed and compliant is crucial for owners and potential buyers.


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