Ramshot Magnum
Ramshot Magnum Smokeless Gun Powder
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Ramshot Magnum Smokeless Gun Powder


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Unveiling the Power of Ramshot Magnum: The Ultimate Reloading Powder

In the world of ammunition reloading, finding the perfect powder can significantly elevate your shooting experience. One such powder that stands out for its remarkable characteristics is Ramshot Magnum. Designed for the discerning reloader and shooter, Ramshot Magnum offers a blend of performance, consistency, and versatility, making it a top choice for various calibers, including the esteemed 300 Win Mag.

What is Ramshot Magnum Powder?

Ramshot_Magnum is a double-base, spherical rifle powder that is highly favored among long-range shooters and hunting enthusiasts. Its formulation offers a unique blend of propellant ingredients that contribute to its outstanding velocity and energy, especially in large caliber applications. This powder is known for its clean burning and exceptional metering characteristics, making it a go-to choice for precision reloading.

Ramshot Magnum Powder


Given its popularity, finding Ramshot Magnum powder in stock can sometimes be a challenge. However, dedicated reloaders know the importance of keeping an eye on trusted online retailers and local gun stores. Websites like Midsouth Shooters Supply often update their inventory, making it easier for enthusiasts to snatch up this coveted powder.

Compatibility and Performance

Ramshot Magnum Load Data

Safety and performance go hand in hand when it comes to reloading. Accessing accurate Ramshot Magnum load data is crucial for optimizing the powder’s performance while maintaining safety standards. Reloaders should consult reputable sources and manufacturer recommendations to ensure their load recipes are up to par.

Suitable Calibers for Ramshot Magnum

While Ramshot_Magnum is versatile, it shines in calibers like the 300 Win Mag. Its ability to push heavy bullets with minimal pressure spikes makes it a preferred choice for this high-powered round. Reloaders of other large calibers will also find Ramshot Magnum’s performance characteristics advantageous for their shooting needs.

Suitable Calibers for Ramshot Magnum


The double-base formulation of Ramshot Magnum not only contributes to its high energy content but also ensures a cleaner burn and reduced fouling. This is particularly beneficial for shooters who demand precision and consistency over extended shooting sessions.

Where to Buy

For those looking to purchase Ramshot_Magnum, several online retailers, including Hodgdon and Midsouth Shooters Supply, regularly stock this powder. Staying informed through forums and newsletters can also provide leads on when and where this powder becomes available.


Does Ramshot Enforcer Need Magnum Primers for 357 Magnum?

No, Ramshot Enforcer can be used with standard primers for 357 Magnum loads. However, always consult the latest load data for specific guidance.

Is Ramshot Magnum Temp Sensitive?

Like many powders, Ramshot Magnum exhibits some temperature sensitivity. However, it’s engineered to maintain consistent performance across a wide range of temperatures, making it a reliable choice for shooters who face varied conditions.

Is Ramshot Magnum Temp Stable?

Yes, Ramshot_Magnum is considered temperature stable. Its performance characteristics remain consistent in both hot and cold climates, ensuring reliable ballistics in any shooting scenario.

In conclusion, Ramshot_Magnum stands as a pinnacle of reloading powders, offering unmatched versatility and performance for large caliber rifles. Whether you’re in pursuit of the perfect 300 Win Mag load or need a reliable powder for other high-powered applications, Ramshot Magnum is a choice that won’t disappoint. Keep an eye on Lucky Gunner and other reputable sources for stock updates and dive into the world of precision reloading with confidence.

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