N133 Powder
Vihtavuori N133 Smokeless Gun Powder
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Vihtavuori N133 Smokeless Gun Powder


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The Ultimate Guide to Vihtavuori N133 Powder for Precision Shooting

Vihtavuori’s N133 powder is a staple in the world of precision shooting, particularly in bench rest shooting competitions. This finely tuned powder has been meticulously developed to offer unmatched consistency and performance for shooters aiming for the bullseye. In this comprehensive guide, we delve deep into the details of Vihtavuori N133, exploring its specifications, applications, and also why it’s revered by shooters worldwide.

What is Vihtavuori N133 Powder?

Vihtavuori N133 is a single-base, nitrocellulose tubular powder, originally developed for the 5.56 NATO cartridge. It is known for its medium burn rate and specific grain dimensions (1,1 mm length and 0,8 mm diameter), making it a go-to choice for precision and also bench rest shooters. Its tubular shape contributes to a consistent burn pattern, crucial for achieving tight groupings at competitive distances.

Vihtavuori N133 Powder

Design and Specifications

The grain dimensions of N133, with a 1,1 mm length and 0,8 mm diameter, are critical for its consistent performance. The powder’s tubular shape allows for a uniform burn, providing shooters with reliable shots round after round. This precision in design places it medium in the scale of burn rates, offering a versatile powder for various shooting disciplines.

Vihtavuori N133 in Bench Rest Shooting Competitions

In the realm of 200 meters bench rest shooting, N133 shines due to its exceptional stability and reliability. Bench rest shooters, who require the utmost in precision, often turn to N133 for its ability to deliver consistent velocities and also tight shot groupings. For PPC standard rifles and practical shooters, N133 provides the fine-tuned performance needed to edge out the competition.

Compatibility and Performance

N133 is compatible with a wide range of cartridges and PPC calibers, making it a multipurpose powder for centerfire rifles. Its compatibility with Russian brass and its effectiveness in precision shooting have been well-documented by seasoned shooters. The quality of N133 is evident in its performance metrics, as it consistently ranks highly in terms of precision and also reliability.

Reloading Insights

For reloading enthusiasts, N133 offers an excellent balance of ease of use and performance. The powder’s consistent grain dimensions contribute to smooth metering and precise charges, essential for achieving optimal results in bench rest shooting. Reloading with N133 not only improves accuracy but also allows shooters to tailor their loads to specific shooting conditions and preferences.

Reloading Insights


Where to Buy Vihtavuori N133 Powder?

Vihtavuori N133 can be purchased from reputable dealers and online stores such as MidwayUSA and Lucky Gunner. These outlets offer a wide range of shooting supplies, including various powder options.

Where to Buy Vihtavuori N133 Powder with No Hazmat?

Purchasing N133 without hazmat fees is possible through select retailers that offer promotions or waive fees for large orders. It’s worth checking with local gun shops and also online retailers for current deals.

Why Choose Vihtavuori N133 for Bench Rest Shooting Competitions?

The choice of N133 for bench rest shooting lies in its unparalleled consistency and also the precision it offers shooters. Its medium burn rate and tubular grain shape contribute to steady velocities and also tight groupings, essential for competition shooting.

How does the Burn Rate of Vihtavuori N133 Affect Shooting Accuracy?

The medium burn rate of N133 ensures a stable and consistent burn, providing shooters with reliable performance across a range of environmental conditions. This consistency is key to achieving high levels of accuracy in precision shooting.

Can Vihtavuori N133 be Used with Other Cartridges Beyond PPC Caliber?

Yes, N133’s versatility extends beyond PPC calibers. It has been successfully used in a variety of centerfire rifle cartridges, demonstrating its adaptability and also performance across different shooting disciplines.

Safety and Storage

Handling and storing N133 safely is paramount. It should be kept in a cool, dry place, away from heat sources. Proper storage ensures the powder maintains its performance characteristics and also safety.


For precision shooters and reloading enthusiasts, Vihtavuori N133 offers a blend of consistency, performance, and also versatility unmatched by other powders. Whether competing in bench rest shooting competitions or practicing at the range, N133 provides the reliability and precision shooters need to hit their mark every time.

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