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Microtech Knives: Microtech Combat Troodon S/E OTF Knife Black (3.8″ Bronzed Apocalyptic) 143-13AP

Microtech Knives: Microtech Combat Troodon S/E OTF Knife Black (3.8″ Bronzed Apocalyptic) 143-13AP



  • Overall Length:
  • Blade Length:
  • Cutting Edge:
  • Blade Width:
  • Blade Thickness:
  • Blade Material:
    Premium Steel
  • Blade Style:
    Drop Point
  • Blade Grind:
  • Finish:
    Bead Blast, Bronze, Stonewash
  • Edge Type:
  • Handle Length:
  • Handle Width:
  • Handle Thickness:
  • Handle Material:
  • Color:
  • Weight:
    5.57 oz.
  • User:
    Right Hand
  • Pocket Clip:
  • Knife Type:
    Double-Action OTF Automatic
  • Opener:
    Thumb Slide
  • Brand:
  • Model:
    Combat Troodon
  • Model Number:
    143-13 AP
  • Country of Origin:
  • Best Use:
    Collection, Tactical
  • Product Type:

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The Ultimate Guide to Microtech Knives for Sale: Find Your Perfect Blade

Microtech Knives have carved a niche in the cutlery world with their unparalleled precision, innovative design, and superior quality. Whether you’re a collector, an enthusiast, or someone in need of a reliable everyday carry (EDC), the vast range of Microtech knives for sale offers something for everyone. This comprehensive guide will navigate you through the various models, buying tips, and legal considerations, ensuring you find the perfect Microtech knife that meets your needs.

Microtech Knives for Sale

The Diverse Range of Microtech Knives

Microtech OTF Knives

OTF, or Out the Front knives, are famed for their swift blade deployment mechanism. Microtech has perfected this with models like the Microtech Combat Troodon and Dirac. These knives are not just about aesthetics; they are built for action. The Combat Troodon, for instance, is a hefty, durable knife that feels substantial in the hand and has been described as a “mini tank.” The Dirac, on the other hand, showcases a sleeker design with a side button deployment that’s a departure from the traditional thumb slide.

Microtech Automatic Knives

For those who prefer the classic automatic switchblade, Microtech’s range is impressive. These knives are designed for rapid deployment with a press of a button or switch. A notable mention is the Socom Elite, which combines functionality with an ergonomic design, making it a favorite among military personnel and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

Microtech Folding Knives

Microtech’s folding knives are engineered for practicality without compromising on the brand’s hallmark quality. The Microtech LUDT (Large Underwater Demolition Team) is a standout, featuring a simple yet robust mechanism, making it an excellent choice for daily tasks.

Special Editions: Microtech Star Wars Knives

For the fans of the galaxy far, far away, Microtech offers special edition Star Wars knives, including designs inspired by characters and themes from the iconic series. The Combat Troodon with a Sith Lord aesthetic is a collector’s dream.

Buying Guide

Where to Buy Microtech Knives

Authentic Microtech knives can be found through authorized dealers and reputable online platforms. For a curated selection, visit BladeHQ or eKnives, which offer a wide range of models. Amazon also lists Microtech knives for sale, but it’s crucial to verify the seller’s authenticity.

Used Microtech Knives

Purchasing used Microtech knives is an excellent way to acquire discontinued models or rare finds. However, ensure you buy from reputable sources to avoid counterfeits.

Microtech Knives Price Range

Microtech knives are an investment. Prices vary widely depending on the model, materials, and edition, ranging from a couple of hundred to several thousand dollars for custom and limited editions.

Unique Features and Technologies

Carbon Fiber and MSI Technologies

Microtech’s use of carbon fiber in knife handles not only reduces weight but also adds unmatched strength. Additionally, proprietary technologies such as the MSI RAM LOK ensure durability and reliability, setting Microtech knives apart from the competition.

Carbon Fiber and MSI Technologies

Microtech Custom Knives

For those seeking something truly unique, Microtech’s custom knives are meticulously crafted masterpieces. These are not just tools but works of art, showcasing the pinnacle of knife-making craft.

Knife laws vary by location, so it’s important to check local regulations before purchasing. Microtech provides excellent customer service to assist with any legal queries you might have.


What is so special about Microtech knives?

Microtech knives stand out for their quality, durability, and innovative designs. The brand’s commitment to excellence and use of high-grade materials like carbon fiber make their knives special.

What Microtech knife did John Wick use?

In the John Wick series, the character used a Microtech Combat Troodon, showcasing the knife’s sleek design and reliability.

Do Microtech knives hold value?

Yes, especially limited edition and custom Microtech knives, which can become valuable collectors’ items.

Does the US military use Microtech knives?

Microtech knives, particularly the Socom Elite, are favored by military personnel for their reliability and performance in various conditions.


Microtech knives embody the perfect blend of technology, craftsmanship, and design, catering to a wide range of needs and preferences. Whether you’re looking to purchase a Microtech knife for everyday use, tactical purposes, or as a collector’s item, this guide aims to assist you in making an informed decision. With a comprehensive understanding of what makes Microtech knives for sale so sought after, you’re now better equipped to select the ideal knife that not only meets your requirements but also exceeds expectations.

Remember to always purchase from reputable dealers or authorized online platforms like BladeHQ and eKnives to ensure authenticity and quality. Whether you’re drawn to the sleek design of the Microtech Dirac, the robust functionality of the Combat Troodon, or the unique appeal of a Star Wars-themed knife, Microtech has something exceptional to offer.

Choose Microtech, and carry with confidence.


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