IMR 4064
IMR 4064 Smokeless Gun Powder
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IMR 4064 Smokeless Gun Powder


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The Ultimate Guide to IMR 4064 Powder: Everything You Need to Know

IMR 4064 is a versatile and widely used powder in the world of reloading and shooting sports. Its reputation for consistency and performance makes it a favorite among enthusiasts and professionals alike. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into everything you need to know about I.M.R 4064, from its chemical composition to practical applications, safety, and handling.

What is IMR 4064 Powder?

IMR 4064 is a medium burn rate powder that is highly versatile for rifles. It’s known for its excellent metering and is suitable for a wide range of cartridges, including the .308 Winchester and the 30-06 Springfield. Its unique properties allow for consistent performance across different temperatures and conditions, making it a reliable choice for shooters.

For those interested in purchasing IMR 4064, it’s available at Hodgdon’s official website.

IMR 4064 Powder

The Versatility of IMR 4064

The real charm of I.M.R 4064 lies in its versatility. Whether you’re loading for the .308 Winchester using the .308 IMR 4064 load data or for the 30-06 Springfield with the IMR 4064 load data 30-06, you’ll find that this powder provides exceptional accuracy and consistency. A head-to-head comparison of IMR 4064 vs Varget reveals that while both are excellent choices, I.M.R 4064 often edges out in terms of versatility and availability.


Finding IMR 4064 in stock can sometimes be a challenge due to its popularity. However, several reputable dealers regularly stock this powder. For those looking to purchase, Bobcat Armament is a reliable source where you can find IMR 4064 powder for sale.

Practical Applications and Load Data

The .308 IMR 4064 load data and IMR 4064 load data 30-06 highlight the powder’s flexibility in handling different calibers and bullet weights. This versatility ensures that reloaders can optimize their loads for performance tailored to their specific needs.

Applications and Load Data


One common question is, “Is IMR 4064 temperature sensitive?” While all powders exhibit some level of temperature sensitivity, I.M.R 4064 is known for its relatively stable performance across a wide range of temperatures, making it a dependable choice for shooters who face varied conditions.

Comparisons and Alternatives

When comparing IMR 4064 vs Varget, both powders show excellent performance, but IMR 4064’s adaptability and availability give it a slight advantage for many reloaders. As for the question, “Is Accurate 4064 the same as I.M.R 4064?” it’s important to note that while they may share similar numbers, they are distinct products with different properties.

Safety and Handling

Safe storage and handling of I.M.R 4064 are paramount. Ensure that the powder is stored in a cool, dry place and away from any potential sources of ignition. Proper care will ensure the powder’s longevity and performance.


Is IMR 4064 temperature sensitive? While it exhibits minimal temperature sensitivity, it’s always best to store it in controlled conditions.

Is Accurate 4064 the same as I.M.R 4064? No, they are different products, and performance can vary between them.

Can I reduce loads below the starting point with I.M.R 4064? It’s not recommended to go below the starting loads as listed in reputable reloading manuals. Always prioritize safety and consult reliable sources.


I.M.R 4064 is a standout powder that offers versatility, consistent performance, and reliability for reloaders. Whether you’re a seasoned handloader or just starting, IMR 4064 is a powder worth considering for your reloading needs.

To explore more reloading options, check out Hodgdon H4831Reloder 22, and Reloder 26 for high-quality alternatives.

Remember, safety comes first. Happy reloading!

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