HP38 Powder
Hodgdon HP38 Smokeless Gun Powder
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Hodgdon HP38 Smokeless Gun Powder


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The Ultimate Guide to HP38 Powder: The Shooter’s Choice for Precision and Economy

In the world of ammunition reloading, the choice of powder is paramount. Among the various options available, Hodgdon HP38 has emerged as a favorite for many enthusiasts. Known for its versatility, economic value, and consistent performance, HP38 powder has become a staple in the reloading community. This comprehensive guide delves into the features, benefits, and best practices of using HP38, providing shooters with the knowledge to make the most of this exceptional product.

What is HP38 Powder?

HP 38 powder is a spherical, high-energy pistol powder designed and manufactured by Hodgdon, one of the leading names in reloading supplies. It’s engineered for precision in a wide range of pistol calibers, making it a go-to choice for both competitive shooters and hobbyists. Its spherical shape allows for uniform metering, ensuring consistent charges and reliable performance shot after shot.

HP38 Powder

Key Benefits of Using HP38 Powder

One of the standout features of HP38 is its suitability for low velocity and mid-range target shooting. This powder shines in applications where control and accuracy are paramount, such as in special 44 and .45 ACP calibers. Moreover, its energy powder provides economy, offering reloaders an efficient and cost-effective solution without compromising quality or performance.

HP38 Load Data: Understanding the Basics

Reloading with HP38 requires a deep understanding of load data. This data serves as a roadmap for achieving optimal performance, detailing how many grains of HP38 are needed for different calibers and applications. Following these guidelines ensures safety and accuracy, whether you’re aiming for precision in mid-range target competitions or practicing with your special and 45 ACP.

Safety Warning: The State of California and HP38 Powder

It’s crucial to note that HP38 powder carries a warning due to California’s Proposition 65. The product can expose users to chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and reproductive harm. While this warning is specific to California, it underscores the importance of handling all reloading components with care, regardless of your location.

The Spherical Advantage: Why HP38 is a Go-To Powder

The spherical nature of HP38 powder isn’t just a physical characteristic; it’s a performance enhancer. This shape allows for exceptionally consistent metering, which translates to reliable velocity and mid-range accuracy across a wide array of pistol calibers. Whether you’re reloading for a special 44 or a .45 ACP, HP38’s spherical powder ensures uniformity in every round.

HP38 vs. Other Powders: A Comparative Analysis

Many reloaders often ask, “Is HP38 and W231 the same powder?” While HP38 and W231 share similar properties and performance characteristics, slight differences in formulation can impact reloading outcomes. Understanding these nuances is key to optimizing your reloads. Additionally, compared to BF86 powder, HP38 offers a distinct advantage in terms of velocity control and consistency, making it the preferred choice for precision shooters.

Economical Shooting with HP38 Powder

In today’s shooting world, where cost and performance go hand in hand, HP38 powder stands out. Its energy powder provides economy, allowing shooters to achieve desirable results without breaking the bank. This is particularly beneficial for enthusiasts of special 44 and .45 ACP calibers, where the cost of components can quickly add up.

Loading Techniques and Best Practices for HP38

When it comes to loading with HP38, precision is key. Starting with the recommended grains of HP38 powder load data and gradually working up allows for fine-tuning to achieve the desired performance. Always adhere to safety guidelines to minimize risk, especially considering the powder’s warning for cancer and reproductive harm.

HP38 powder load data


Starting loads vary by caliber, but it’s essential to begin at the lower end of the recommended range and gradually increase, monitoring performance and pressure signs.

Is HP38 and W231 the same powder?

While similar, HP38 and W231 have slight differences. It’s advisable to treat them as separate powders and follow the specific load data for each.

What’s the difference between HP38 and BF86 powder?

HP38 is known for its versatility and performance in pistol calibers, while BF86 may cater to different applications. Always choose the powder that best fits your specific shooting needs.

Can HP38 powder be used for both pistol and rifle calibers?

HP38 is primarily designed for pistol calibers like special 44 and .45 ACP. Its performance characteristics are optimized for these applications, and it may not be suitable for rifle calibers.


Hodgdon HP38 powder offers an exceptional balance of performance, economy, and versatility for reloaders. Whether you’re targeting precision in competitive shooting or practicing for personal improvement, HP38 provides the reliability and consistency you need. Always prioritize safety and adhere to recommended practices to ensure the best outcomes with your reloads.

For more information on HP38 and other reloading supplies, visit Lucky GunnerPowder Valley, and Hodgdon’s official site.

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