Hornady Leverevolution
Hodgdon Hornady LEVERevolution Smokeless Gun Powder
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Hodgdon Hornady LEVERevolution Smokeless Gun Powder


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Revolutionizing The Way We Shoot: A Deep Dive into Hornady Leverevolution Ammo

In the realm of ammunition, innovation drives performance. Among the leading innovators, Hornady stands out, particularly with its Hornady Leverevolution line. This series represents a significant breakthrough in ammo design, especially for lever-action rifles and revolvers. This comprehensive blog post delves into the unique features of Leverevolution ammo, its practical applications, and answers the most pressing FAQs regarding its use.

What Sets Hornady Leverevolution Apart?

The heart of Leverevolution’s innovation lies in the patented Elastomer Flex Tip technology. Traditional ammo for lever-action rifles faced limitations due to the flat or round-nosed bullets required for safe use in tubular magazines. Hornady’s solution? A flexible tip that safely compresses upon chambering but initiates reliable expansion upon impact. This design not only enhances safety but significantly boosts ballistics, offering 250 fps over traditional loads.

Explore more about these innovative rounds directly on Hornady’s official site.

Hornady Leverevolution

The Hornady Leverevolution Series

Hornady Leverevolution 30-30: A Classic Reimagined

The 30-30 Winchester has been a staple for deer hunters for over a century. The Hornady Leverevolution 30-30 ammo breathes new life into this classic, significantly flattening the trajectory and extending the effective range.

For the Revolver Enthusiasts: 357 and 44 Mag

The Hornady 357 Leverevolution and 44 Mag Leverevolution rounds bring Leverevolution benefits to revolver shooters. These rounds provide enhanced performance for both hunting and self-defense, with improved ballistics and stopping power.

Discover these rounds for your revolver at G&G Sports.

The Mighty 45-70 Government

For those seeking maximum stopping power, the Hornady 45-70 Leverevolution offerings are unmatched. With options like the 250 grain and 325 grain, hunters pursuing large game have a reliable choice that offers deep penetration and also devastating impact.

Leverevolution: Innovation in Every Round

Safety and Performance in Tubular Magazines

One of the revolutionary aspects of Leverevolution ammo is its safety in tubular magazines. The concern of chain-firing in such magazines is mitigated by the Flex Tip design, ensuring safe operation in lever-action rifles.

Hunting and Target Shooting: Leverevolution’s Versatility

Whether you’re aiming at paper targets or pursuing game, Leverevolution ammo offers unmatched performance. Its high weight retention and flat trajectory ensure that each shot counts, making it a favorite among hunters and sport shooters alike.

Hunting and Target Shooting

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Leverevolution Be Used in Revolvers?

Yes, certain calibers of Hornady Leverevolution are perfectly safe and highly effective in revolvers. This flexibility allows for a consistent shooting experience, whether using a rifle or a handgun.

Do Leverevolution Rounds Offer Real Benefits?

Absolutely. Leverevolution rounds deliver higher ballistic coefficients and flatter trajectories, translating to more accurate and effective shots at longer ranges.

Are Leverevolution Rounds Safe for Revolvers?

Yes, when used in appropriately chambered revolvers, Leverevolution rounds are not only safe but offer enhanced performance over traditional ammo.


Hornady Leverevolution represents a significant leap forward in ammunition technology. By combining safety, performance, and versatility, Leverevolution rounds offer shooters a competitive edge, regardless of their choice of firearm. Whether you’re a hunter, target shooter, or self-defense practitioner, Leverevolution ammo promises to elevate your shooting experience.

For reloading enthusiasts looking to tailor their ammo to Leverevolution standards, consider high-quality powders such as Lil’ Gun PowderAccurate 1680, and Reloder 16, which are known for their consistency and performance.

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