Hodgdon H4895 Smokeless Gun Powder
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Hodgdon H4895 Smokeless Gun Powder


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The Ultimate Guide to H4895 Powder: A Shooter’s Must-Have

H4895 powder has been a staple in the reloading community, known for its versatility and performance. In this comprehensive guide, we delve deep into what makes H4895 by Hodgdon a favorite among shooters and reloaders alike, from its historical significance to its practical applications in various calibers.

What is H4895?

Developed by Hodgdon, one of the most reputable names in the reloading world, H4895 is a smokeless powder that has stood the test of time. Its inception was marked by a quest for a powder that could offer consistent performance across a range of temperatures and applications. The result was a formulation that not only met these criteria but also set the standard for versatility in reloading powders.

H4895’s chemical composition and grain size are meticulously controlled, ensuring that each batch meets the high-quality standards set by Hodgdon. This attention to detail has made H4895 a go-to powder for reloaders seeking reliability and consistency. For more details on H4895’s specifications, visit Hodgdon’s official product page.

H4895 vs. IMR 4895

The debate between H4895 and its counterpart, IMR 4895, often centers around their similarities and differences. While both powders share a historical lineage, with IMR 4895 being the precursor to Hodgdon’s H4895, there are subtle differences in their formulations that can affect performance. However, for most applications, they are interchangeable, although reloaders should consult specific load data for each powder to ensure safety and optimal performance.

Applications of H4895

H4895 shines in its versatility, suitable for a wide range of calibers from handgun rounds to rifle cartridges. It is particularly favored for the .410 bore shotgun and has shown exemplary performance in magnum handgun loads like the .44 Magnum. The powder’s ability to achieve high-velocity loads while maintaining stability is a testament to its superior formulation. For those interested in specific applications, including high-velocity loads, Sportsman’s Gun Shop offers detailed load data.

Availability and Purchasing

Finding H4895 in stock can sometimes be a challenge due to its popularity. However, several online retailers, including Lucky Gunner, regularly update their inventory. When purchasing, it’s crucial to compare prices and consider shipping regulations and costs.

Reloading with H4895

The key to successful reloading with H4895 is understanding its characteristics and following recommended load data closely. Hodgdon provides comprehensive load data for a variety of calibers, ensuring that reloaders can safely and effectively use H4895 to achieve desired results. Always prioritize safety by starting with minimum load recommendations and gradually working up.

Reloading with H4895

Comparing Powders

While H4895 is a versatile powder, it’s worth comparing it with other powders for specific applications. For example, Alliant 2400 powder is another excellent choice for high-velocity handgun loads, as detailed on Lucky Gunner. Conducting such comparisons can help reloaders find the perfect powder for their specific needs.


When will H4895 be available?

H4895’s availability can vary, but many retailers, including Lucky Gunner, regularly restock. Keep an eye on online stock levels or set up notifications for updates.

Are H4895 and IMR 4895 interchangeable?

Yes, for most reloading applications, H4895 and IMR 4895 can be used interchangeably. However, always refer to specific load data to ensure safety and optimal performance.

Does Hodgdon make a rifle powder called H4895?

Indeed, Hodgdon manufactures H4895, a versatile rifle powder that has also found applications in handgun calibers. It’s renowned for its performance in both arenas.


H4895 by Hodgdon is more than just a powder; it’s a cornerstone of the reloading community, offering versatility, reliability, and performance. Whether you’re a seasoned reloader or just starting, H4895 is a powder worth exploring for its ability to enhance your shooting experience. Remember to always follow safety guidelines and load data to ensure the best possible outcomes with your reloads.

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