Franklin Armory Binary Trigger
Franklin Armory BFSIII PC-C1 Binary Triggers

Franklin Armory BFSIII PC-C1 Binary Triggers


Color: Black
Trigger Shape: Curved
Gun Make: Ruger
Gun Model: Ruger PC Carbine
Condition: New

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Unleashing Potential: The Comprehensive Guide to Franklin Armory Binary Triggers

In the world of firearms, innovation never sleeps, and Franklin Armory stands at the forefront of this relentless march forward. Their creation, the Franklin Armory Binary Trigger, has redefined what is possible for both competition and tactical shooters, as well as recreational enthusiasts. This comprehensive guide delves into the mechanics, advantages, legal considerations, and user experiences associated with these groundbreaking triggers.

Understanding Binary Triggers

At its core, a binary trigger allows a firearm to discharge one round on the pull of the trigger and another on its release, effectively doubling the rate of fire. The Franklin_Armory Binary Trigger is a marvel of engineering, providing shooters with an option that’s both innovative and within the boundaries of the law. For an in-depth look at how binary triggers work, Franklin Armory’s official site offers extensive resources (Franklin Armory Binary Triggers).

The Franklin Armory Binary Trigger Range

Franklin Armory Binary Trigger for AR-15

The Franklin Armory BFSIII AR-S1 Binary Trigger is a standout, offering AR-15 owners a significant upgrade. It’s compatible with a wide range of calibers, including the popular 5.56 NATO and 308 Win. This versatility, combined with the potential for faster follow-up shots, makes it a favorite among competitive shooters.

Franklin Armory 10/22 Binary Trigger

Ruger 10/22 owners aren’t left out of the binary trigger revolution. The Franklin Armory 10/22 Binary Trigger enhances these rifles, providing an unmatched rate of fire that’s perfect for both competitive shooting and recreational plinking.

Franklin Armory Glock Binary Trigger

Glock owners, particularly those with the Glock 19, can experience the benefits of a binary trigger with the Franklin Armory Glock Binary Trigger. This addition transforms a standard Glock into a more versatile tool for tactical scenarios and competitive environments alike.

Advantages of Franklin Armory Binary Triggers

Franklin Armory’s binary triggers offer several advantages:

  • Reduced Split Times: Essential for competition shooters aiming for tighter groups.
  • Positive Reset on Release Phase: A tactical edge that enables a shooter to cancel a second shot if necessary.
  • Compatibility: Works with a wide range of calibers and firearm models.

It’s crucial to note that binary triggers, including those from Franklin Armory, are not legal in all states. Restrictions exist in MD, NJ, NY, RI, and WA. Always verify local laws before purchasing or installing a binary trigger. For more information on legal considerations, visit Palmetto State Armory.

Installation and Training

Installing a Franklin Armory binary trigger is straightforward but requires attention to detail. For those not comfortable with DIY installation, seeking professional help is advised. Equally important is obtaining qualified training to use these triggers safely and effectively.


Q: How to install a Franklin Armory binary trigger? A: Installation guidelines are provided with each trigger, and Franklin Armory’s website offers support. For complex installations, professional gunsmith services are recommended.

Q: Are Franklin Armory binary triggers legal in all states? A: No, certain states have restrictions. Always check local laws before purchasing.

Q: Can the release round of a Franklin Armory binary trigger be canceled? A: Yes, the design includes a positive reset that allows the shooter to cancel the release round.

Q: What calibers are compatible with Franklin Armory binary triggers? A: They are compatible with multiple calibers, including 5.56 NATO, 308 Win, and 300 BLK.


The Franklin Armory Binary Trigger revolutionizes shooting practices for a wide range of firearms, offering unprecedented speed and control. Whether you’re a competitive shooter, a tactical operator, or a recreational enthusiast, understanding the capabilities, legalities, and installation processes of these triggers can significantly enhance your shooting experience.

For further information on binary triggers and other innovative firearm solutions, explore options at Lucky Gunner.


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