Federal 210M Primers
Federal Premium Gold Medal Large Rifle Match Primers #210M Box of 1000 (10 Trays of 100)

Federal Premium Gold Medal Large Rifle Match Primers #210M Box of 1000 (10 Trays of 100)


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Unlocking Precision: The Comprehensive Guide to Federal 210M Primers

In the quest for precision and consistency in shooting sports, the choice of primer can make a significant difference. Among the myriad of options available to shooters and hunters, Federal 210M Primers stand out as a preferred choice for those aiming for accuracy and also reliability. This comprehensive guide delves into the world of Federal 210M Primers, exploring their features, benefits, and the reasons behind their popularity.

What Are Federal 210M Primers?

Federal 210 M Primers, also known as Federal 210M Gold Medal Large Rifle Match Primers, are a crucial component of rifle ammunition, acting as the spark that ignites the gunpowder and propels the bullet towards its target. These primers are designed for precision and consistency, making them a top choice for competitive shooters and hunters alike. The Federal Gold Medal series is renowned for its excellence in the shooting world, and the 210 M primers are no exception.

Key Features of Federal 210M Primers

The Federal 210M Primer is celebrated for several key features:

  • Optimum Primer Ignition: Ensures consistent performance shot after shot.
  • Exclusive Basic Lead Styphnate Priming Mix: This proprietary formula guarantees sensitivity and also reliability under various conditions.
  • Manufactured to Exacting Tolerances: Precision-engineered for uniformity, contributing to unmatched accuracy.

Availability of Federal 210M Primers

Finding Federal 210M Primers in stock can be a challenge due to their popularity. However, several retailers, including MidwayUSA, frequently restock these primers. It’s advisable to check online for availability and to act quickly when they are in stock.

Comparing Federal 210M Primers with Competitors

When comparing Federal 210 M to other primers like the CCI BR2, shooters often note the Federal 210M’s superior consistency and reliability. These primers are specifically designed for large-rifle applications, making them the go-to option for precision shooting. For an in-depth comparison, visiting forums like Rokslide can provide personal experiences and preferences from seasoned shooters.

Safety and Handling

Like all primers, Federal 210 M Primers come with warnings regarding reproductive harm due to the chemicals involved. Ensuring safe handling and storage practices is critical for minimizing risks.

Benefits of Using Federal 210M Primers

The benefits of using Federal 210 M Primers are manifold:

  • Enhanced Accuracy: The precision engineering behind these primers contributes to tighter shot groups.
  • Consistency: Shooters can expect consistent performance, crucial for match shooting and also hunting.
  • Reliability: The proprietary priming mix ensures reliable ignition in various weather conditions.

Technical Specifications

Federal 210 M Primers are designed for large-rifle applications, with specifications that highlight their quality and also performance. The primers’ dimensions and materials are optimized for maximum sensitivity and reliability, aligning with Federal’s reputation for excellence in ammunition components.


Can you swap Federal 210M primers for CCI Magnum primers?

While some shooters may experiment with different primers, it’s important to consider the load specifications and the primer’s intended application. Federal 210 M and CCI Magnum primers have different ignition characteristics, which can affect performance.

Do they still make Federal 210M primers?

Yes, Federal continues to produce the 210 M primers, and they remain a popular choice among shooters. Keeping an eye on reputable retailers like Lucky Gunner can help you find them in stock.

What makes Federal 210 M Primers the preferred choice for match shooters and hunters?

Their unparalleled consistency, reliability, and precision make Federal 210 M Primers a top choice for those who demand the best performance from their ammunition.

How do Federal 210M Primers impact ammunition performance?

By providing consistent ignition and optimal conditions for powder burn, Federal 210 M Primers help in achieving the desired ballistic performance, contributing to better accuracy and also reliability.


Federal 210M Primers are a testament to Federal’s commitment to quality and performance in the shooting sports industry. Whether for competitive shooting or hunting, these primers offer the reliability, consistency, and precision that shooters demand. By understanding the features, benefits, and proper usage of Federal 210M Primers, enthusiasts can elevate their shooting experience, achieving unparalleled accuracy and performance.

For those looking to further explore or purchase primers, remember to check out Remington 7 1/2 Primers and Federal 205 Primers for additional options and comparisons.


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