Dragons Breath Ammo
‘Super Dragon’ Dragon’s Breath Ammunition 12 Gauge 2 3/4″
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‘Super Dragon’ Dragon’s Breath Ammunition 12 Gauge 2 3/4″


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Igniting the Night: The Ultimate Guide to Dragon’s Breath Ammo

In the world of exotic ammunition, Dragons Breath ammo stands out as a spectacular phenomenon. This unique type of shotgun ammo ignites a wall of fire capable of turning night into day, albeit momentarily. But what exactly is Dragon’s Breath ammo, and why does it capture the imagination of shooting enthusiasts around the globe? In this comprehensive guide, we delve deep into the fiery details of Dragon’s Breath ammo, exploring its types, usage, safety concerns, and where to purchase it.

What is Dragons Breath Ammo?

Dragon’s Breath ammo refers to a specialized type of shotgun ammunition that produces an intense wall of fire upon discharge. This pyrotechnic effect is achieved through the ignition of magnesium pellets or shards contained within the shell. Initially developed for military and pyrotechnic applications, Dragon’s Breath has found a niche in civilian markets for its awe-inspiring visual effect. Among its variations, the 12 gauge dragons breath ammo and 410 dragon’s breath ammo are particularly popular.

For an in-depth look at its mechanics, check out Phoenix Rising’s detailed overview of 12-gauge Super Dragon’s Breath ammunition.

Dragons Breath Ammo

How Dragon’s Breath Ammo Works

Upon firing, the magnesium-based compound in Dragon’s Breath ammo ignites, creating a fireball and temperatures reaching thousands of degrees Fahrenheit. This intense heat, combined with the bright light and loud report, makes for a dramatic effect. It’s essential to remember that while visually stunning, this ammo is an extreme fire hazard and requires extreme caution during use.

Types and Variations

Dragon’s Breath ammo comes in several sizes, including the popular 12 gauge20 gauge, and .410 calibers. Each type has its specific applications, with the 12 gauge dragons breath ammo being the most sought-after for its impressive fireball. Fans of action movies might be intrigued by the Dragon breath ammo John Wick style, known for its cinematic flair.

Explore the various types available at Kira Ammo, where you can find detailed descriptions and purchase options.

Given its ability to produce an enormous wall of fire, Dragon’s Breath ammo is restricted in any dry grass, foliage, trees, or near flammable materials. Many states and localities have specific regulations regarding its use, with some areas outright banning it due to the extreme fire risk. Before purchasing or using Dragon’s Breath ammo, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with the state and local laws in your area. For instance, the legal status of Dragons breath ammo in Texas differs from that in Washington DCIA, and MA.

Safety should always be the top priority when handling Dragon’s Breath ammo. The risk of starting unintentional fires cannot be overstated, especially in dry conditions. Always use this ammunition with extreme caution, ideally in a controlled environment where fire risks are minimized.

Usage and Performance

While primarily used for recreational shooting and demonstrations of firepower, Dragon’s Breath ammo has practical applications in controlled environments. The visual spectacle of shooting a 100 feet long wall of fire makes it a favorite among shooting enthusiasts. However, it’s not recommended to shoot indoors or in areas where the risk of fire is high.

For purchasing options, Lucky Gunner offers a variety of ammunition, including exotic types like Dragon’s Breath.

Purchasing Dragon’s Breath Ammo

Finding Dragons breath ammo for sale can be challenging due to its niche market and regulatory restrictions. Prices vary based on type and quantity, so it’s a good idea to compare options. Be mindful of shipping restrictions, especially to APO/FPO addressesPO boxes, and certain cities and/or states.


In Texas, Dragon’s Breath ammo is legal, but users must adhere to strict safety guidelines and be aware of local fire risk conditions.

Is Dragon’s Breath Ammo Lethal?

While designed for its visual effect rather than lethality, Dragon’s Breath ammo can be dangerous due to its intense heat and potential to ignite fires.

What is Dragon’s Breath Ammo?

Dragon’s Breath ammo is a type of shotgun ammunition that produces a significant visual and auditory effect by igniting magnesium pellets, creating a wall of fire upon discharge.


Dragon’s Breath ammo offers an unparalleled spectacle in the shooting world. However, its use comes with serious safety and legal responsibilities. By understanding the nuances of this exotic ammunition, enthusiasts can enjoy its dramatic effects while minimizing risks. Whether for recreational shooting or simply to marvel at its power, Dragon’s Breath ammo remains a fascinating aspect of firearm culture.

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