CCI 34 Primers
CCI Large Rifle 7.62mm NATO-Spec Military Primers #34 Box of 1000 (10 Trays of 100)

CCI Large Rifle 7.62mm NATO-Spec Military Primers #34 Box of 1000 (10 Trays of 100)


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The Ultimate Guide to CCI 34 Primers: Enhancing Your Reloading Experience

In the world of ammunition reloading, the choice of primer can significantly impact both performance and safety. Among the numerous options available, CCI 34 Primers stand out for their reliability and specialized design. This comprehensive guide delves into the features, benefits, and practical considerations surrounding these primers, shedding light on why they are a favored choice for both military and civilian applications.

What Are CCI 34 Primers?

Primers are a crucial component of ammunition, serving as the ignition source for the propellant. C.C.I 34 Primers, specifically designed for 7.62mm NATO spec military cartridges, offer a unique blend of sensitivity and seating ease, making them ideal for use with firearms that possess a floating firing pin. Their construction is intended to prevent slam fires, a dangerous phenomenon where the firearm discharges during the closing of the bolt, without the trigger being pulled.

Learn more about the role of primers in ammunition reloading at CCI’s official site.

Features of CCI 34 Primers

Enhanced Safety Measures

Safety is paramount in ammunition reloading, and C.C.I 34 Primers are engineered with this in mind. Their harder composition is meticulously designed to prevent slam fires, providing an extra layer of safety for shooters. This feature is particularly beneficial for military applications and firearms equipped with a floating firing pin.

Compatibility and Performance

Whether you’re reloading for a .308 Winchester or other rifle calibers, C.C.I 34 Primers are compatible with a wide range of applications. Their performance is consistently reliable, making them a preferred choice for shooters who demand precision and dependability.

For insights into the compatibility of CCI 34 Primers, check out the discussion at Long Range Hunting.

Environmental and Health Considerations

In compliance with California’s Proposition 65, C.C.I 34 Primers are labeled with warnings regarding reproductive harm. This transparency ensures that users are well-informed about the potential health risks associated with handling chemicals.

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Where to Find CCI 34 Primers

Finding CCI 34 Primers in stock can be challenging due to their high demand. However, reputable online retailers like Lucky Gunner often have them available for sale. When purchasing, verify the authenticity and quality to ensure you’re getting genuine CCI products.


Are CCI 34 Primers Magnum?

While C.C.I 34 Primers contain a magnum priming mix, they are specifically designed for certain applications rather than general magnum use. This makes them uniquely suited for 7.62mm NATO spec cartridges.

Are CCI 34 Primers Harder Than CCI 200?

Yes, CCI 34 Primers are specially made to be harder than CCI 200 Primers. This is a critical feature that helps prevent slam fires, especially in firearms with a floating firing pin.

Can CCI 34 Primers Be Used for Civilian Shooting?

Absolutely! C.C.I 34 Primers are not limited to military use. They are continuously favored by civilian shooters for their reliability and performance in reloading 7.62mm NATO spec cartridges.

How Do CCI 34 Primers Prevent Slam Fires?

The design of C.C.I 34 Primers includes a harder composition that requires more force to ignite. This characteristic is crucial in preventing slam fires, offering an added safety measure for shooters.


CCI 34 Primers represent the pinnacle of safety and performance in the world of ammunition reloading. Whether for military or civilian use, their reliability and specialized design make them an exceptional choice for shooters seeking precision and safety. Engage with a community of knowledgeable reloaders and share your experiences with CCI 34 Primers, fostering a culture of informed and safe reloading practices.

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