BLC2 Powder
Hodgdon BLC2 Smokeless Gun Powder
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Hodgdon BLC2 Smokeless Gun Powder


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Unlocking the Potential of BLC2 Powder for Precision Reloading

BLC2 Powder, with its rich military heritage and versatility for various calibers, has become a mainstay in the reloading community. Its spherical properties and efficiency in combustion make it a preferred choice among shooters and handloaders seeking precision and also reliability. This comprehensive guide delves into the nuances of BLC2 Powder, offering insights into its specifications, applications, and also safety considerations to maximize its benefits.

What is BLC2 Powder?

BLC2 is a spherical smokeless rifle powder designed for a wide range of rifle calibers. Known for its versatility, it is particularly favored for reloading calibers like the 204 Ruger, 223 Remington, 17 Remington, and 22 PPC. The secret behind its success lies in its formulation, which ensures consistent performance across different shooting disciplines. For more information, visit Hodgdon’s official page on BLC2.

BLC2 Powder Specifications

The physical and chemical characteristics of Hodgdon BLC2 Smokeless Powder make it stand out. Available typically in 1 lb containers, this powder is known for its excellent metering and also compatibility with bottleneck cartridges. Its spherical granules contribute to uniform density and consistent ignition, vital for achieving tight groupings on the target. For purchasing options, check out Cabela’s selection of Hodgdon BLC2.

Historical Background

Originally developed for military use in the 7.62 NATO cartridges, BLC2 quickly found its way into civilian hands, becoming an instant success. This transition underscored its reliability and adaptability, traits that endear it to benchrest shooters and also hunters alike. The powder’s military roots contribute to its robustness, making it a reliable choice under various conditions.

7.62 NATO cartridges

Applications and Performance

BLC2’s load data is impressively versatile, covering popular calibers such as the 223 Remington 17 and 17 Remington 22 PPC. Its performance in these calibers is remarkable, offering shooters tight groupings and consistent velocities. For detailed load data, enthusiasts often turn to resources like Hodgdon’s Reloading Data Center.

It’s essential to note that BLC2 Powder can expose users to chemicals including lead, known in the State of California to cause cancer and other reproductive harm. Due to these safety concerns, it is restricted in areas such as Washington DC and comes with special shipping requirements. Handling and storage must adhere to safety guidelines to prevent exposure to hazardous chemicals.

User Experiences and Reviews

Shooters and handloader benchrest shooters have praised BLC2 for its consistency and reliability. Many have shared success stories, highlighting the powder’s role in achieving competitive scores and also hunting successes. This feedback underscores BLC2’s reputation as a top-tier reloading powder.


What Type of Powder is BLC2?

BLC2 is a spherical smokeless rifle powder, known for its versatility and consistent performance across a wide range of rifle calibers.

How Does BLC2 Compare with Other Powders for the 223 Remington and Similar Calibers?

In comparisons, BLC2 often stands out for its efficiency, offering shooters tight groupings and also consistent velocities, critical for precision shooting.

Are There Any Special Considerations When Handling BLC2 Powder?

Yes, it’s crucial to follow safety guidelines to prevent exposure to harmful chemicals and comply with legal restrictions and also shipping requirements.

How Does the History of BLC2 as a Military Powder Influence Its Use Today?

Its military origins contribute to BLC2’s robustness and reliability, making it a favored choice in civilian shooting applications for its consistency and also performance.

For those looking to explore other reloading options, consider looking into Hornady’s LEVERevolutionLil’ Gun Powder, and Accurate 1680 for different shooting needs.

In conclusion, BLC2 Powder remains a popular choice for reloaders and shooters aiming for precision and reliability. Its rich history, versatile applications, and strong performance make it a valuable addition to any handloader’s bench.

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