Alliant Bullseye
Alliant Bullseye Smokeless Gun Powder
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Alliant Bullseye Smokeless Gun Powder


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A Comprehensive Guide to Alliant Bullseye: The Shooter’s Choice for Reloading

For decades, Alliant Bullseye has been a staple in the ammunition reloading community, renowned for its performance, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. This guide delves deep into the attributes that make Alliant Bullseye a go-to smokeless powder for shooters and reloaders alike, providing insights, comparisons, and also practical advice on its use.

What is Alliant Bullseye?

Alliant_Bullseye is a premier smokeless powder, celebrated for its fast-burningconsistent, and economical characteristics. Originating in the early 20th century, it quickly became popular among competitive shooters for its superior performance. Unlike many other smokeless powders, Alliant Bullseye is designed with a specific focus on precision and reliability, offering unparalleled consistency shot after shot.

Alliant Bullseye

Key Features of Alliant Bullseye

Fast Burning

Alliant Bullseye’s fast-burning nature is especially beneficial in small-bore cartridges and pistol calibers, where quick combustion is essential for optimal performance. This characteristic ensures that the powder fully ignites, providing a consistent propulsion force behind the bullet.


Shooters value consistency above all, and Alliant Bullseye delivers. Batch after batch, it provides the same burn rates and pressures, ensuring that reloaders can expect the same ballistic performance every time they go to the range.


In comparison to other smokeless powders on the market, Alliant_Bullseye is cost-effective, offering reloaders more bang for their buck without sacrificing quality. Its efficiency and lower charge weights make it a wallet-friendly choice for frequent shooters.

Advantages of Using Alliant Bullseye

The advantages of using Alliant_Bullseye are manifold. Its fast burning rate makes it ideal for a wide range of applications, particularly in handguns where quick energy release is crucial. Its unparalleled consistency aids in achieving tighter groupings at the target, a crucial factor in competitive shooting. Moreover, its economical nature does not only pertain to its price but also to its efficient use, ensuring that a pound of powder goes a long way.

Applications and Suitable Calibers

Alliant Bullseye shines in the realm of pistol calibers, particularly in classic cartridges such as the .45 ACP, 9mm Luger, and .38 Special. Its versatile nature also makes it a suitable choice for some small-bore rifle cartridges, providing excellent performance across a broad spectrum of firearms.

How to Use Alliant Bullseye Safely

Handling Alliant_Bullseye, like any smokeless powder, requires adherence to safety protocols. Always store the powder in a cool, dry place away from open flames and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for load data carefully. Referencing Alliant’s official product guides can help reloaders make informed decisions about charge weights and pressures.

Alliant Bullseye Safely

Comparing Alliant Bullseye to Other Smokeless Powders

When compared with other smokeless powders such as IMR 4198Alliant Blue Dot, or Vihtavuori N140, Alliant Bullseye stands out for its fast-burning properties and economic value. While each powder has its niche, Bullseye’s versatility and cost-effectiveness make it a preferred option for many reloaders.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Alliant Bullseye a Single Base Powder?

Yes, Alliant Bullseye is a single base powder, primarily composed of nitrocellulose. This composition contributes to its stable and also consistent burn rates.

How Does Alliant Bullseye Compare to Other Fast-Burning Powders?

Alliant_Bullseye is renowned for its extremely fast and efficient combustion, making it a top choice for pistol and small-bore rifle reloading when compared to similarly fast-burning powders.

What Makes Alliant Bullseye Consistent?

The manufacturing process and stringent quality control measures ensure Alliant Bullseye’s consistency. Each batch is tested to meet exacting standards, providing shooters with reliable performance every time.

Can Alliant Bullseye Be Used for Both Handguns and Rifles?

While predominantly used for handguns due to its fast-burning characteristics, Alliant_Bullseye can also be suitable for some rifle calibers, particularly smaller bore sizes that benefit from its quick energy release.


Alliant Bullseye stands as a testament to precision, reliability, and value in the world of ammunition reloading. Whether for competitive shooting or casual practice, it offers a blend of performance features that cater to the needs of diverse firearms enthusiasts. For more information and resources on Alliant Bullseye, visit Sportsman’s Gun Shop.

This comprehensive guide to Alliant Bullseye aims to equip shooters with the knowledge to make informed choices about their reloading practices, emphasizing safety, performance, and efficiency.

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