Accurate No 5
Accurate No. 5 Smokeless Gun Powder
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Accurate No. 5 Smokeless Gun Powder


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Unlocking the Potential of Accurate No. 5 for Handgun Reloading

In the realm of handgun reloading, Accurate No. 5 smokeless powder stands out for its versatility and efficiency. Designed for the dedicated reloader, this fast-burning, double-base spherical handgun propellant offers a unique balance between performance, ballistics, and cost. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced handloader, understanding the nuances of Accurate No. 5 can significantly enhance your shooting experience.

What Makes Accurate No. 5 Special?

Accurate No5 is a smokeless powder that is highly regarded for its consistency and cleanliness. As a fast-burning powder, it meters well, ensuring precise measurements for each reload. Its versatility is unmatched, suitable for a wide range of handgun calibers from the popular 9mm and also 45 ACP to specialty calibers, offering reloaders the flexibility to tailor their ammunition to their specific needs.

Accurate No 5

Versatility Across Calibers

One of the most significant advantages of Accurate No. 5 is its adaptability across different handgun calibers. Whether you’re reloading 45 ACP cartridges for precision shooting or 9mm rounds for self-defense, Accurate No5 provides reliable performance. Its load data for 9mm and 45 ACP calibers illustrate the powder’s ability to cater to both target shooting and full power defense loads.

  • Accurate No. 5 45 ACP Load Data: Optimized for high-performance shooting with a focus on accuracy and recoil management.
  • Accurate No. 5 9mm Load Data: Designed for consistency and also reliability, ensuring that each shot performs as expected.

For detailed reloading data and more calibers, visit Accurate No. 5’s official page.

Load Data and Reloading Guidelines

Reloading with Accurate No. 5 requires attention to detail. Utilizing the comprehensive powder load data available, reloaders can fine-tune their ammunition to achieve the desired balance between velocity and pressure. It’s crucial to follow the recommended reloading data, as it ensures both safety and optimal performance of the reloaded ammo.

For newcomers to reloading, familiarizing yourself with safe reloading practices is essential. Accurate No. 5’s ease of metering and compatibility with various calibers make it an excellent choice for those looking to explore the world of reloading.

Load Data and Reloading Guidelines

Purchasing Accurate No. 5

Finding Accurate No. 5 for sale is straightforward for reloaders. Whether you’re looking for Accurate No. 5 in stock or trying to compare prices, several online retailers offer it. Notable sources include:

It’s important to note that Accurate No5, like all reloading powders, comes with safety warnings. The State of California has identified certain chemicals in reloading powders as causing cancer and reproductive harm. Always handle and store reloading powders following the manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure safety.


Is Accurate No. 5 a good Luger 9mm powder? Absolutely. Accurate No. 5’s fast-burning characteristics and efficiency in metering make it an ideal choice for reloading 9mm Luger cartridges, ensuring consistent performance and also reliability.

What are the best practices for reloading with Accurate No. 5 powder? The key to successful reloading with Accurate No5 is following the recommended load data closely, maintaining a clean workspace, and always double-checking measurements for accuracy.

Can Accurate No. 5 be used for both target shooting and defense loads? Yes, Accurate No. 5’s versatility allows it to be used effectively for both target shooting applications and full-power defense loads, providing reloaders with a wide performance range to meet their specific needs.

What should I know about the health and safety concerns associated with Accurate No. 5? Be aware of the safety warnings issued by the State of California regarding the chemicals in Accurate No5 powder. Use appropriate personal protective equipment and also follow safe handling practices.

How does Accurate No. 5 compare to other handgun powders in terms of cost efficiency? Accurate No. 5 offers an excellent balance between ballistics performance and cost-efficiency, making it a preferred choice for reloaders looking to maximize their investment.


Accurate No. 5 smokeless powder provides a perfect blend of versatility, performance, and cost efficiency for handgun reloaders. Whether you’re fine-tuning your target loads or preparing for self-defense, Accurate No. 5 offers a reliable foundation for your reloading needs. Embrace the precision and flexibility it brings to your shooting practice and discover the satisfaction of crafting your own ammunition tailored to your exact specifications.

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