Accurate 2460
Accurate 2460 Smokeless Gun Powder
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Accurate 2460 Smokeless Gun Powder


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Unlocking the Potential of Accurate 2460 for Precision Reloading

Reloading your ammunition can be both a rewarding hobby and a meticulous science. Among the myriad of choices for reloading powders, Accurate 2460 stands out as a versatile option for enthusiasts keen on fine-tuning their ammunition for optimal performance. In this detailed exploration, we delve into the characteristics, applications, and safety measures associated with Accurate 2460, providing you with a comprehensive guide to making the most out of this double-base spherical rifle powder.

What is Accurate 2460?

Accurate_2460 is a fast-burning, double-base spherical rifle powder that has garnered acclaim in the reloading community for its versatility and performance. As a slightly slower derivative of the AA2230 powder, it offers slightly higher loading densities, making it suitable for a wide range of calibers, particularly small to medium-sized applications. The unique properties of Accurate 2460 allow for fine-tuning and optimizing loads to achieve precise ballistics and consistent performance.

Key Features of Accurate 2460

The allure of Accurate 2460 lies in its key features that cater to the needs of reloaders:

  • Fast Burning: This characteristic ensures quick combustion, making it ideal for achieving high velocities, especially in cartridges designed for short to medium ranges.
  • Double Base Spherical Rifle Powder: The spherical shape of the granules contributes to uniform metering during the reloading process, while the double base (composed of both nitroglycerin and nitrocellulose) enhances performance.
  • Versatility: With suitable applications for calibers ranging from .223 to .308, Accurate 2460 serves reloaders looking to craft ammunition for various shooting disciplines, from precision target shooting to hunting.

For those interested in similar powders, Accurate 4350 is another excellent choice available on the market.

Optimizing Your Loads with Accurate 2460

To achieve the best results with Accurate_2460, reloaders should adhere to the threshold limit for M14 systems and other firearms to ensure safety and performance. The powder’s versatility across calibers ranging from .223 Remington to .308 Winchester allows for extensive experimentation in load development. By fine-tuning and optimizing loads, shooters can maximize accuracy and consistency.

When working with medium-sized calibers, understanding the nuances of Accurate 2460’s performance becomes critical. For specific load data and safety guidelines, resources like MidwayUSA offer invaluable information.

Practical Applications of Accurate 2460

Accurate 2460 is not just about the technical specifications; its real-world applications demonstrate its effectiveness. Suitable for both small and medium-sized caliber applications, it’s a favorite among competitive shooters and hunters alike. Whether you’re loading .223 Remington for varmint hunting or .308 Winchester for a match, Accurate 2460 provides the reliability and precision demanded by serious marksmen.

How to Safely Use Accurate 2460

Safety should always be the top priority when reloading. Storing Accurate 2460 in a cool, dry place away from heat sources and open flames is essential. Moreover, adherence to the manufacturer’s loading data is crucial to prevent overpressure situations, especially in sensitive systems such as the M14.

How to Safely Use Accurate 2460


What is Accurate 2460 Good For? Accurate 2460 shines in its ability to provide reloaders with a fast-burning, versatile powder suitable for a variety of small to medium-sized calibers, making it a go-to choice for precision shooting and hunting.

What Kind of Powder is Accurate 2460? It’s a double-base, spherical rifle powder known for its fast burning rate and suitability for a wide range of calibers, offering reloaders flexibility in load development.

For more detailed load data and purchasing options, consider visiting Hodgdon’s official product page and for those looking for alternatives, Winchester’s offerings like Winchester AutoComp and Winchester 572 are worth exploring.


Accurate 2460 stands as a testament to the precision and versatility demanded by modern reloaders. Whether fine-tuning ammunition for competitive shooting or optimizing loads for hunting, Accurate 2460 offers a blend of performance and flexibility unmatched by many. By adhering to safety guidelines and leveraging the powder’s capabilities, reloaders can unlock the full potential of their ammunition, ensuring each shot is as accurate as the last.

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