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Hodgdon Hi-Skor 700-X Smokeless Gun Powder
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Hodgdon Hi-Skor 700-X Smokeless Gun Powder


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The Ultimate Guide to 700 X Powder: A Reloader’s Favorite

Whether you’re a seasoned reloader or new to the craft, finding the right powder is crucial to achieving the best performance from your ammunition. Among the favorites in the reloading community is the 700 X Powder, known for its versatility and excellence in both shotgun and pistol reloading applications. This guide dives deep into the world of 700 X Powder for Sale, providing you with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

What is 700 X Powder?

700 X Powder an extruded flake powder renowned for its wide range of applications, especially in target shooting and light field loads. It shines as an excellent pistol target powder and ideally suited for shotshells in both 12 and 16 gauge. The powder produced by Hodgdon, a company with a reputable name in the reloading powder industry.

Key Features

The key to 700 X Powder’s success lies in its versatility. Perfectly suited for target and light field applications, making it a top choice for reloaders looking for precision and reliability. Here’s why it stands out:

  • Versatility for Shotshells: Particularly for 12 and 16 gauge, where clay target and light field loads are the norm.
  • Optimal for Cartridges: Its performance with cartridges such as 38 special and 45 ACP is unmatched.
  • Hodgdon Powder Offers: As one of Hodgdon’s offerings, reliability and quality are guaranteed.

Benefits for Reloaders

Choosing 700 X Powder offers several benefits, including:

  • Accuracy: Its ability to provide consistent shot placements makes it a favorite among target shooters.
  • Consistency: Whether you’re working with 12 and 16 gauge shotshells or 38 special and 45 ACP cartridges, 700 X delivers consistent performance.
  • Versatility: Its suitability for a wide range of applications means you can streamline your reloading process with just one powder.

Comparison with Other Powders

When compared to other flake powders, 700 X Powder stands out for its performance in clay target shooting and as an excellent pistol target powder. Its unique formulation offers a balance of burn rate and density that is hard to find in other powders, marking it as a superior choice for serious reloaders.

Where to Buy

Finding 700 X Powder for sale and ensuring it’s in stock can be challenging due to its popularity. However, reputable dealers like Lucky Gunner, Sportsman’s Gun Shop and Hodgdon’s own online shop are reliable sources. Always purchase from well-known suppliers to guarantee quality.

How to Use 700 X Powder

When loading shotshells in 12 and 16 gauge, or crafting light field loads, following the manufacturer’s guidelines is crucial. Safety should always be your top priority, including proper handling and storage of the powder to prevent accidents.

700 X Powder For Sale

User Reviews and Experiences

Many users praise 700 X Powder for its exceptional performance in shotshells and as a pistol target powder. The consensus is that it provides excellent accuracy and consistency across a variety of shooting disciplines, making it a versatile choice for reloaders.


What makes 700 X Powder an excellent choice for both shotgun and pistol reloading?

Its versatility and performance in both target shooting and light field applications make it a top choice for reloaders looking for precision.

How does 700 X Powder perform in clay target shooting?

Its ideal suitability for 16 gauge and consistency in performance has made it a favorite among clay target shooters.

Can 700 X Powder be used for light field loads?

Yes, its effectiveness for creating optimal light field loads in both shotgun and pistol applications is well-documented.

Where can I find 700 X Powder in stock?

Reputable dealers and online sources like Lucky Gunners are reliable places to find 700 X Powder for sale.


700 X Powder stands out as a versatile and reliable choice for reloaders, offering excellent performance in both shotgun and pistol applications. Whether you’re fine-tuning your target shooting loads or crafting light field cartridges, 700 X Powder is a proven performer that delivers results. Ensure you purchase from reputable sources to guarantee the quality of your reloading powder.

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