10 Percussion Caps
CCI Percussion Caps #10 Box of 1000 (10 Cans of 100)

CCI Percussion Caps #10 Box of 1000 (10 Cans of 100)


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The Comprehensive Guide to #10 Percussion Caps: Essential Information for Black Powder Shooters

Black powder shooting is a niche yet fascinating segment of the firearms world, where the use of 10 percussion caps plays a crucial role. These small but mighty components are essential for firing black powder firearms, and understanding their specifications, variants, and usage can significantly enhance your shooting experience. Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or new to the realm of black powder shooting, this guide aims to equip you with a deep understanding of #10 percussion caps.

Understanding 10 Percussion Caps

The invention of percussion caps revolutionized the shooting world in the early 19th century, providing a more reliable and also waterproof ignition system for firearms. The #10 percussion cap, in particular, is designed for specific black powder firearms, offering a snug fit and consistent performance.

Key Points:

  • History and Evolution: The transition from flintlock to percussion cap systems marked a significant advancement in firearm technology.
  • Importance: #10 percussion caps are vital for the functioning of black powder firearms, facilitating the ignition of the powder charge.
10 Percussion Caps

The Specifications of #10 Percussion Caps

Size and Design: #10 percussion caps are slightly smaller than their #11 counterparts, making them suitable for specific firearms that require a tighter fit. They are typically made of copper or brass and contain a small amount of explosive compound that ignites upon being struck.

Compatibility: These caps are compatible with certain revolvers, rifles, and also pistols designed for black powder shooting. It’s crucial to consult your firearm’s manual for the recommended cap size to ensure proper functionality.

The Variants of #10 Percussion Caps

Several manufacturers produce #10 percussion caps, each offering unique features. Two of the most prominent brands are Remington and CCI, known for their reliability and also quality.

  • Remington #10 Percussion Caps: Renowned for their consistent ignition and performance.
  • CCI #10 Percussion Caps: CCI caps are favored for their precision and also dependability.

Comparing these brands can help you find the perfect match for your shooting needs.

Choosing the Right #10 Percussion Caps for Your Firearm

The choice between #10 and #11 percussion caps primarily depends on the firearm’s design and also the shooter’s preference. Here, understanding the nuances between percussion caps #10 vs #11 becomes crucial.

  • Factors to Consider: Fit, firearm compatibility, and personal shooting preferences play significant roles in selecting the right percussion caps.

Usage and Safety Considerations

Proper installation and handling of #10 percussion caps are paramount to ensure safety and optimal performance. It’s also essential to be aware of the risks associated with reproductive harm and birth defects, as mandated by the State of California warnings.

Safety Guidelines:

  • Always follow your firearm manufacturer’s instructions when installing percussion caps.
  • Store and handle caps safely to prevent accidental ignition.

Purchasing #10 Percussion Caps

Whether you’re searching for “#10 percussion caps near me” or online, several reputable sources offer these caps for sale. Online stores and local gun shops frequently stock various brands, including options available at MidwayUSA and Walmart.

Buying Tips:

  • Compare prices and check availability.
  • Consider buying in bulk for better deals.

Special Considerations for California Residents

California’s Proposition 65 mandates warnings about exposure to chemicals that cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. Always ensure compliance with local regulations when purchasing or using #10 percussion caps.

DIY and Alternatives

While some enthusiasts explore making their own percussion caps, this requires significant expertise and safety precautions. Alternatives, such as electronic ignition systems, offer modern solutions but lack the traditional feel of percussion cap shooting.

Storage and Maintenance

Proper storage and maintenance of #10 percussion caps are crucial for preserving their functionality. Keep them in a cool, dry place, and regularly check your stock for any signs of corrosion or damage.


#10 percussion caps are a cornerstone of black powder shooting, enabling enthusiasts to enjoy this traditional shooting form. Understanding their specifications, proper use, and safety considerations ensures a rewarding and safe shooting experience. Whether purchasing online or in local stores, always opt for high-quality caps that match your firearm’s requirements.


Where to Buy #10 Percussion Caps?

  • Online retailers and local gun shops are excellent sources. Check out options at Lucky Gunner for a variety of choices.

What Is the Difference Between #10 and #11 Percussion Caps?

  • The main difference lies in their size and the specific firearms they fit. #10 caps are generally smaller and may be preferred for certain models.

And What Size Are 10 Percussion Caps?

  • They are specifically designed to fit certain black powder firearms, providing a snug and secure fit for optimal performance.


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