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Our Vision

To be the best-run business in America, and the most successful, most respected business in our industry, for the benefit of our Customers taking delivery speed into great consideration.

Our Goals

At OUTDOORLIMITEDCOL, Customer Satisfaction is our #1 Operational Goal and we tirelessly work to meet or exceed our Customer Key Requirements. Many companies don’t measure Customer Satisfaction. We both measure it and proudly display it because we put Customers first and that’s the way it’ll always be at OUTDOORLIMITEDCOL.

If a Company values Customer Satisfaction, it should also value Employees; pay them well, provide training and development and treat them right — Employee Satisfaction is our #2 Operational Goal. We treat our Suppliers as partners because Supplier Satisfaction is our #3 Operational Goal. Of course, Operational Goals #2 and #3 support Operational Goal #1. We realize our responsibility to provide leadership to the industry and to ‘give back’ to the industry and community. We support the NRA and the Shooting/Hunting Sports Industry by donating 50% of our pre-tax profits, mostly to help fund youth shooting programs. We also support our local community.

Empowerment Framework

Continuous improvement is an integral piece of our organization’s success, but it wouldn’t be possible without innovative Employees. In alignment with the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence, we have built a framework around knowledge management and leadership development. This framework empowers our Employees to reach their goals, improve results and grow professionally.

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